What to expect from executive coaching

Learn More coaches work with individuals, groups of peers and intact teams.

You might be looking for a business coach for yourself, for an executive, for your executive team or for one of your direct reports. When you partner with Learn More as your executive coach, we work with you to strengthen and develop your capability and capacity so you can deliver your individual, team and overall business goals.

In our first call, we’ll ask you about the business context, the outcomes you seek and the person looking to be coached. We want to understand more about you and your business to help you identify quickly how we can best work together. 

We recommend potential coachees meet with us for a coffee or a virtual call to check rapport, discuss what they want from coaching and explain how executive coaching works. 

Learn More may already be part of your organisation’s coaching panel, or it might be the first time you have worked with us. Either way, before we commence coaching we agree on the terms of the engagement and desirable outcomes so we understand your needs.  

You’ll usually meet with your business coach fortnightly when you start working with us, then monthly. In your first session, we explore areas of focus, set goals, clarify strengths, discuss potential areas for improvement and introduce any relevant assessments.

Our discussions are thought-provoking and creative. We bring you insight and provide you with tools to enable you to step into your full potential and embed behaviour change and new habits in your every day work.

Whether you’re an executive or business owner looking for an executive coach, a manager, an HR partner, or a learning and development (L&D) specialist in your organisation, get in touch on (+61) 417 996 377 or send us an enquiry to have a conversation about your executive coaching needs.