High Performing Teams

Learn More works with senior teams, project teams and cross functional teams to increase effectiveness, optimise group dynamics and enable high performance. When we increase team connectedness to work cooperatively and collaboratively inside and outside the team, you are more able to solve the knotty challenges facing your business today.


Effective teams don’t happen by chance. Much of the work of organisations is completed through teamwork, where people work together to achieve something beyond the abilities of people working alone. 

Effective leaders focus on goals, roles, processes and relationships – they focus on the team as well as the task and the individuals within it.


Team training & development

To build a high performing team, we work with the individuals and the team to unlock and develop their capability and capacity using customised programs and personalised development plans. Your team development program starts with us talking to you to understand your goals. Once we complete discovery with you, we design a team-specific program to meet your needs at the price-point you need. 

The process is delivered through facilitated workshops and can include a team assessment or interviews to provide a snapshot of where members believe the team to be. Design can be based upon discussions with the Team Leader or Manager and the agenda agreed and circulated in advance so participants come prepared. Workshops can be half, full or multiple days. Towards the end of the workshop we will always agree on actions, responsibilities and strategies to ensure all learning is transferred and embedded into workplace practice.


Team building activities

When you partner with us to develop a high performance team, we use a variety of activities to maximise engagement and participation.

  • Dialogue
  • Paired and small group discussions
  • Appreciative inquiry
  • Design thinking
  • Brainstorming
  • Lego Serious Play™
  • Experiential learning games or simulations
  • Walks
  • Knowledge and skills development

Learn More coaches teams of all sizes. Whether you’ve worked together for years or are a newly formed team, we develop your individual strengths and unite you as an collaborative, connected and effective team. Our proficiency is not confined to teams operating within single organisations. We also work in partnership and alliance settings, enabling cross-functional or cross-organisational groups to adapt to each others’ culture and collaborate for high-performance delivery or governance units.

To enable high performance teams in your organisation, give us a call on (+61) 417 996 377 or send us an enquiry.