Strategic Planning

Effective strategic planning places strategic thinking at the centre of your organisation. Learn More works with organisations to develop action oriented, measurable strategic plans that drive business results. In our facilitated strategic planning workshops, we give stakeholders the tools to enable bold, forward thinking strategy. We teach you how to integrate the strategic plan into your organisation so everyone has a clear line of sight to your organisational goals and purpose. Your plan will become a dynamic business planning tool for your executives and teams to drive decisions and align team members. 

Our strategic planning approach

Our strategic planning facilitators are experienced and use proven planning processes to help drive world class performance. We plan and facilitate custom strategic planning workshops to help you develop your roadmap for the future. Our workshops are underpinned by guiding principles to ensure you can develop a forward thinking plan and put it into action.

  • Create a collaborative and inclusive process
  • Start with customer, operate from data, challenge assumptions
  • Set an expectation for shared responsibility and ownership
  • Prioritise transparent communication
  • Think past the strategic planning cycle
  • Commit to making changes — especially leadership
  • Strategy always comes before structure
  • And above all, execute the plan
 Meeting facilitation services

Our facilitation services extend beyond strategy development. Learn More’s experienced facilitators provide professional facilitation to ensure your conference, meeting, workshop or seminar is highly effective and successful.

One of the challenges of managing meetings is not the meeting, its the people and the process. Professional facilitation makes a real difference and frees everyone up to fully participate whilst the facilitator looks after the people and the process 

  • Developing shared understanding of the goals, outcomes and success criteria for the event including desired impact on key stakeholders.
  • Exploring and building a dynamic and attractive agenda – ensuring a range of group processes and methodologies to maximise participation.
  • Identifying, engaging, briefing and collaborating with guest speakers and workshop facilitators.
  • Developing a window pane and running sheets for the event.
  • Orchestrating and facilitating the conference or workshop.
  • Reflection and review meeting post conference for key learning and connection to the next event.
 Events we facilitate

We facilitate many events to ensure they are successful, effective and constructive with lasting benefits for participants.

  • Conferences
  • Workshops
  • Seminars
  • Strategic and business planning workshops
  • Executive meetings
  • Partnership and alliance meetings
  • Team building and development meetings
  • Focus groups
  • Action learning groups
  • Advisory groups

To facilitate strategic planning in your organisation, get in touch (+61) 417 996 377 or send us an enquiry.