Who we work with

Learn More has worked with more than 60 businesses and many thousands of individuals, in a wide variety of industries and countries, for over twenty years. 

We engage with people across most industries – from aviation to resources, high tech to healthcare, among others. Learn More works alongside, and with people to maximise their health, well-being, and performance to achieve business goals. 

We are as committed to organisational, team and individual well-being as we are to maximising performance for results. We believe it is their combination that delivers the sustainable, if not regenerative, competitive advantage so crucial to success in today’s complex business environment.

Learn More’s past, present and current clients exemplify our global, multi-national and national span as well as public sector agencies, small businesses and not-for-profits

We have designed and delivered executive education programs for Australia’s leading business schools and top ranked Duke Corporate Education, a global provider of non-degree custom executive education, considered number one for executive education and other learning and development services.